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Our Products

Patinás Pálinka: Szomolyai Fekete-cseresznyepálinka

Szomolya Black Cherry

Szomolya Black Cherry has a sour, citrusy taste which is enhanced with notes of marzipan, dark chocolate, almonds and freshly shelled walnuts (freshly grated nuts) thanks to the special fermentation technology

350ml 40% vol.

Patinás Pálinka: Újfehértói Fürtös Meggypálinka

Újfehértó sour cherry

The astringent aroma of these sour cherries is given by the pulp of the fruit while its bitterness is attributed to the peel. The taste is similar to its aroma with a mellow, woody spiciness which is elegantly complemented by hints of caramelized sugar and dried cherries.

350ml 40% vol.

Patinás Pálinka: Piros Vilmos Körtepálinka

Red Williams pear

The intense, spicy aroma of the Red Williams pear evokes the image of nectar spilling out of sun-ripened pears. The pronounced pear taste is accompanied by mild hints of sour green apples. It has a long finish with a strong pear flavour that gradually fades.

350ml 40% vol.

Patinás Pálinka: Lepotica Szilvapálinka

Lepotica plum

The waxy skin of the Lepotica plum imparts an inimitable aroma and taste while flavours of flower pollen, vanilla and plum jam also appear during the tasting process. The finish fades to reveal flavours reminiscent of green apples.

350ml 40% vol.

Patinás Pálinka: Gönci Barackpálinka

Gönc apricot

The aroma of Gönc apricot is intense, with emergent notes of fresh apricot juice and sun-dried apricots. The taste reflects the aroma, accompanied by flavours of cinnamon and sour green apple. After tasting, the intense flavour (profile) of peach lingers in our mouths for a robust, long finish.

350ml 40% vol.

Patinás Pálinka: Irsai Olivér Szőlőpálinka

Irsai Olivér grape

The Irsai Oliver pálinka resembles the fragrant, fruity characteristic of the grape. Its scent is a mixture of citrus, vanilla and walnut- and raisin notes. In its taste, the perfumey characteristic of the Irsai grapes blends with hints of flower honey. Following a markedly aromatic crescendo, the flavour rapidly dissipates.

350ml 40% vol.

Mezőtúri Birs

A Mezőtúri birs birssajtra emlékeztető fanyar, fűszeres illata csalogat kóstolásra. Kellemes citrusos ízekkel kezdhetjük az ízlelést, mely mélyebb, fűszeres jegyekkel egészül ki. Végül birssajtra jellemző édeskés íze közepesen hosszan marad meg a szánkban.

350ml 40% vol.

Tasting process

1. Aeration

The smell of pálinka reaches its full potential a few minutes after pouring, therefore aeration is recommended. When drinking pálinka, a tulip-shaped glass (based on the traditional Spanish copita used to sample sherry) is favoured: the bowl-shaped body of the glass concentrates aromas through the slightly narrowed rim to better help us experience the scents released from the brandy. The consumption of pálinka is recommended at a temperature of 18 ⁰C - 20 ⁰C.

2. Sight

After distillation and filtration pálinka is clear and colorless. If the pálinka is matured in cask or on a fruit bed it takes on the color typical of the given tree or fruit. Pálinka does not contain any additives so its color is influenced only by the fruit used for maturation or the wood of the cask.

3. Scents

Pálinka retains the flavour of the fruit thanks to the distillation process. Taste and aroma notes are influenced by the type of fruit, the weather, the fermentation and the subsequent ageing; when nosing pálinka from the glass try to recognize the different aromatic notes and associate them with your own experiences.

4. Sipping

To really appreciate the flavours of the pálinka take small sips and keep them in your mouth for a little while. The more complex the pálinka the more varied the taste and the various notes will gradually follow one another.

5. Dry test

There are two ways to perform the dry test: after drinking the pálinka, set the glass aside and wait for the remaining alcohol to evaporate and the fruit aromas to clear at the bottom of the glass. Another effective method is to put a few drops of the drink on your hand or wrist and sample the scent as if it were perfume.

Our story

Marcell Lakatos

Zoltán Tóth

The story of Zoli

Pálinka always had a special place in my heart. Even in my youth I gladly chose pálinka as I was proud that we Hungarians have our own national drink and the fact that it is made purely from fruit and not seasoned afterwards only strengthened my desire for better and better pálinka.

For the longest time I only consumed commercial pálinka until a former colleague of mine offered me his homemade quince pálinka. At that very moment it became clear to me that what I had taken as pálinka until then had very little to do with what could truly be achieved with fruit.

Later, during a conversation with another colleague, it came up how delicious the pálinka was and it would be great to make my own, which I could be proud of. He too became very excited at the thought and so we cut into making the first quince pálinka of our lives. Of course, we entrusted the cooking to a professional and the result was excellent, which was followed by more and more great pálinkas. One of our great prides was the Szomolya Black Cherry, with which we won a silver medal in one of the biggest pálinka competitions in Hungary. We were just having a gathering of friends when I introduced the black cherry, where my colleague Marcell - after tasting the pálinka - raised me the question: in the idea “Have you ever considered raising this to a business level and showing others what real pálinka is like?” That's how our story began.

The story of Marci

The long years I spent at a premium beverage manufacturer had a big impact on my taste. Thus, quality and the production of the best possible product is of paramount importance to me.

In connection with both my work and leisure I came across a wide variety of drinks, ranging from the ordinary to the special, premium categories. I have always admired the tradition and care distillers show for their whiskey. The drink is matured for many years until it reaches its perfect state. Hungarian pálinka also has an extraordinarily rich history and in addition to our great quality we strive to present it to our consumers in a way worthy of this tradition.

When we ask people, everyone has their favourite pálinka, be it a home-made or commercially available drink. At a gathering of friends, my colleague Zoltán introduced me to the first pálinka in which I could taste the fruity notes with clarity. In addition to the tradition behind pálinka, its clean, natural taste made the experience special. We wish to pass this experience on to our consumers. That is why I encouraged Zoltán to think about putting his pálinka on the market. The words were followed by deeds and after a lengthy planning and research work, the product we created based on our common values ​finally ​took shape. That is why we recommend Patinás Pálinka.

Our story

Our goal is to provide consumers with high quality pálinka using only the finest fruits. It was important to highlight this quality for consumers as well, which is why we came up with a youthful, modern packaging. Since we both come from very different areas, the birth of the Patinás Pálinka brand was preceded by a lot of work.

The medicinal bottle shape symbolizes our respect for traditions while the blue color symbolizes nature and water. We opted for a sleek design to keep the pálinka in focus. This approach is further emphasized by our transparent label and logo. We want to promote the culture of pálinka and the enjoyment of flavours thus we would like to give our customers a little help with our accompanying taste guides. The descriptions and evaluations provide an insight into the complex taste and aroma of our pálinkas, which made Patinás Pálinka unique.

Our work has finally borne fruit: we launched the sale of Patinás Pálinka in 2020. However, product development continues to play a central role in the life of the company. We are constantly working to make our products available in as many places as possible and to further develop our product range based on consumer needs. We are grateful for the trust of our customers who support our start-up brand and our goals with their choices.

From fruit to Palinka

The fruit

The fruit: at Patinás Pálinka - true to our principles - we use only the finest, freshly picked fruits. Only fruits that we would love to eat ourselves can become ingredients for our pálinka. The fruits are sorted by hand during washing and then placed in fermentation tanks.

Tank, fermentation

We use controlled fermentation in our pálinka - with selected yeast - to release the perfect aromas and flavours. Fermentation takes 7 to 10 days, depending on the type of fruit, while fructose becomes alcohol. After fermentation the mash is distilled as soon as possible to obtain the best quality.


As a final step, the distillation is carried out in a so-called single-stage column still system in order to preserve the best of the fruit as much as possible. Copper plays an essential role in the cooking process, given that it acts as a catalyst during distillation. Therefore, at least the top of the cauldron and the vapor tube must be made of copper.


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